Our Speciality

What is the speciality of Delta Source?


Delta Source – with OD expertise -, offers a service, which fits to the organizational culture, the HR systems and values of the Client organization.

We know, understand and develop organizations, governing bodies, top and middle management teams and HR systems. We care for young talents, work with Performance Mgt systems, support cultural changes and provide personal development for managers.

Based on all this, we can establish, an organizational benchmark – a competence based, behaviour oriented profile -, which provides the optimum match Candidate and contributes to the organizational vitality of the Client organization.

The holistic approach of Delta Source and the resulting customized selection means a new dimension in the employee search/selection.

So what do we do? We support and contribute to the organisational strength, efficiency and consciousness of your company from a new perspective. We not only headhunt, present candidates, and fill in positions, but we also evaluate, test and adjust to the values, norms and systems of Your Company.




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