Assessment Centre/Development Centre

Delta Source’s AC/DC approach

The Assessment and Development Centres (AC/DC) are skill assessment procedures, with behaviours measured, which can be success factors in a particular position. 

How does Assessment Centre work?

The methodology of the Assessment and Development Centres contains different measuring methods (individual and group role plays, interviews). The evaluation of the participants is done by independent observers according to a clearly defined criteria, which ensures the objectivity of the evaluation.

The use of this wide scale measurement process is effective, only if the measured competencies and behaviours totally fit the culture of the organisation and meet the expectations of the position.

During the preparation we identify the competencies and customize the methods in close cooperation with the Client.

Why are the Assessment and Development Centres effective?

The AC/DC is not an aptitude test, it is much more. It measures the actual behaviour, and as close as we can to the way she would probably behave at work.

What do the Delta Source Assessment and Development Centres offer?

During the evaluation we use a software. This software provides a detailed, structured and accurate result in any break down. We are able to measure even 20 competencies by 6-8 behavioural indicators per each, in 2-3 various situations. This results in high accuracy and enables a detailed feedback.

The evaluation of competencies

We always examine competencies in various situations and identify strength and weakness areas. The result also provides a guidance to the consultant to find those learning methods with the help of which the candidate may acquire the desired competencies quickly. 

We believe in the development of people, and we believe, that AC/DC contributes to this too. All the data and information about the assessed are treated confidentially.

Why us?

One of the biggest strengths that we never offer “canned” solutions. All of our developmental and selection programs adjusted to the Client organisation’s needs and competency system. Behavioural indicators are also always customised.

We have wide range of experience in evaluating the needs and offering solutions, which can serve the Client strategy in the long run. This approach is also paramount for us at AC/DC evaluations.

There is another benefit of the customised AC/DC is its effect on the internal communication. The key players of your organisation get a message about the strategy, the values of the company the intentions of the management and the expected behaviour at the workplace.

Transmission of methodology: We do not only use AC/DC but we also train you, how can you do it by yourself.

360-degree competency assessment

We have a special software program to provide 360 degree competency assessment. The assessed persons assess themselves, their subordinates, peers and superiors with the help of a questionnaire, compiled according to the needs of the Client.

This method provides an all-round assessment, not only from her boss’s point of view, but also from different hierarchic levels.

The target can be the more accurate alignment with the corporate culture or a department. However, in most of the cases the survey is part of an individual development or performance management process.



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