Management audit

Situations which call for Management Audit

  • significant market changes, to which the organisation needs to adapt quickly
  • after major transformations of the organization
  • change in ownership: in case of merge and acquisition


What kind of help does Management Audit provide?

It helps our Clients to get a reliable view of their most important human asset, their Management Team.

  • Management Audit can reveal precisely where are unused resources, reserves within the team,
  • it maps the real development needs, indicates need for change,
  • it finds deficiencies,
  • and shows skills inventory.


The preparation/planning of Management Audit

During the preparation, we determine the process by customizing, and ensure value alignment with the corporate strategy. Our goal is to determine the range of competencies and specify the necessary development needs. After filling the identified gaps, the Management Team can work more efficiently and is able to navigate the organization, through the hardest economic or market circumstances.


The process of Management Audit

Based on our organisation developmental skills, experience and industry knowledge, we are able to entirely

  • explore and see through the needs and strategic goals of Your organization
  • define the expectations towards the given positions, and
  • work out the most reliable measurement methods, which optimally fits your company.

Due to Management Audit, you gain a complex and detailed picture of the operation of your organization. Management Audit can measure and develop the organisational and management culture. Moreover, it can also establish a uniform approach, which can work as an organizational benchmark.

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