Executive Coaching

It is an intensive development process. The Client explains the problem or experience; on which he/she would like to work. Coaching provides help to the Coachee to be able to recognize and utilize his/her existing internal resources and expand external opportunities. Thus she can increase not only his/her efficiency, but also of the company. It is neither a therapy or training, nor a business consultancy.

Individual coaching sessions take 60 or 90 minutes, in case of team and group meetings we calculate with 4 hours. The process normally takes 10-13 sessions.


Our approach

The individual development is based on the partnership of the two parties, Coach and Coachee. We are committed to Carl Rogers’ joint journey theory. It tells that we are able to solve our own problems we do have the skills and resources to that.


Our Code of Ethics:

We respect our Clients and our goal is not only to gain, but also to maintain this in the long run.

We respect our Candidates and during our cooperation, we try to fully focus our attention on their experience, behaviour and try to understand their motivation, even those, which they might not even aware of.

If we do not choose them, we honestly tell the reason.

We do not undertake such a project, to which we do not have enough expertise, which for us is not feasible or to which we do not have enough capacity. We do tell it honestly to our Client.

We try to gain and maintain the long-term trust both of our Clients and Candidates by our professional commitment, trustworthiness and humanistic approach.s.

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