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Our mission:

We strive to select for our Client the most suitable and effective person for a given position, who will provide peak performance in the job.

We accomplish this through such co-operation that ensures security to the Client making the search and selection process to be fully transparent predictable and reliable.

During the selection project we aim not only to fill in the given position, but also raise consciousness, improve self-awareness and enhance the vitality of the Client organization.

Our work is our passion.

Delta Source – the name associates with the first specially trained military unit.
Nothing is impossible: thoroughness, quickness, flexibility, reliability.
Nothing is unexpected: toughness, expertise, market knowledge.
Reliability: we provide respect and confidentiality to our candidates and transparency to our Client.
Constant learning innovation and tailor made approach. We apply the latest competency, psychological and technical developments on the field of the search and selection.
Industry knowledge, professional creditability: objective measurement, development oriented feedback both to our candidates and clients.

Our approach
Our holistic point of view and unique and the tailor made solutions represent high quality in the area of selection, diagnostics and organization development. We offer a complex and objective solution to the employer / executive search and selection, as well as, to the competency evaluation of the job.
We not only present candidates, and fill in positions, but also evaluate, test and join the system, values and norms of the Client’s company.
Based on all this, Delta Source can establish an organizational benchmark, a competence based, behaviour oriented profile -, which results in the highest level of selection reliability and contributes to the organizational vitality of the Client.

How does executive search work at Delta Source?

Our processes are reliable, algorithmic, transparent with multitude of check points.

We respond to a Client request within 24 hours.

♦ Accurate exploration of needs
♦ Organizational Culture / Organizational Analysis
♦ Detailed understanding of the position:
its place within the hierarchy, expectations related to the Candidate.
Compensation package. Special, job specific benchmark analysis of Delta Source.

We provide an offer within 48 hours.

It will include the following:
♦ Search strategy
♦ Project terms
♦ Warranty conditions
♦ Confidentiality clause
♦ Charges

How does executive search work at Delta Source?

The standardized, structured and transparent search process of Delta Source also provides strict deadlines.

The standardized, structured and transparent search process of Delta Source also provides strict deadlines.

(In case of Executive Search, the whole process takes 5 weeks on average.)

Occupational Specialisation

Occupational Specialisation

Who we are

Péter LendvayManaging partner
Former HR Director, MSc in Engineering and Certified Business Coach, with extensive experience in HR systems implementation, Organizational Development, Search and Selection, Internal Communication, Management Audit
Anna VirághConsultant
Mentalhigeny professional,
experienced executive and life coach with many years of experience in coaching and AC/DC evaluation.
Kata ZeleniConsultant and Coach
Organizational Psychologist,
Researcher, Business Coach
HR consultant:
Assessment/Development Center
Agnes GomolaConsultant
Ryerson University
Economy & HR diploma, Direct searching, Recruitment consultant, HR consultant, Gestalt therapy, Audit
Andrea MezeiSenior Consultant
Mentalhigeny professional,
PCC Executive Coach,
experienced Executive search and Management
Audit Consultant

Partners, References

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