Organizational effectiveness

Bring out the most of your team
with respect to individuality!

  • We believe that every organization, team and human being is unique. We approach our Clients with the respect of this while we explore and reveal their needs and support them in development.

  • We believe that the permanence management is just as important as change is.

  • Our approach is holistic; we start with the big picture. Just as we cannot understand a living organism without knowing its natural environment, the other habitants and its enemies.

  • Pay attention! Developing organization is always in our focus, from the very beginning; when we call the Client for the first time, during a coaching session, planning a training and also when this is our primary target.

Our approach to Organization Development

Next to facilitating strategic leadership programs, we also undertake complex organization developmental projects.

Most of our consulting programs focus on the development of individual skills and attitudes. During these programs we always combine the conventional (improve of self awareness) with methodologically innovative ways.

We also deal with change management and the culture development of departments, effectively involving the HR experts and Line Managers of our Clients.

  • WE BUILD THE CONTENT AND STYLE OF THE PROGRAMS ON OUR ORGANIZATIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE – We have 14 years of experience on various fields at multinational and Hungarian owned corporations (sales, leadership, lean, HR.).

  • STIMULATION, OWN EXPERIENCE, IMMEDIATE FEEDBACKS – The applied excercises, resembling real life business situations make the integration of the learning process easier.

  • 21st CENTURY PSYCHOLOGY – Our developmental concept is built on the most modern psychological methods and innovative development techniques. (both brain hemispheres management, Impact without power, Tribal leadership, Viral change, Change factory).

Our solutions

  • Preparation and demolition of strategy
  • dentity development of Managers and Teams
  • Change management support
  • Humanistic support of organization transformation
  • Cooperation with process consultants to change processes
  • Mediation between confronting leaders or organizations
  • Team coaching and supervision
  • Facilitation of workshops
  • Motivational presentations
  • Transformation of conventional corporate events into interactive ones
  • Visual note taking
  • Manager development trainings
  • Skill development trainings
  • Communication within the corporation

Our organization developmental model

Our goal is to develop individual and organizational awareness. The root and the past of this is dating back to the evolutionary past.

The aquamarine direction:

  • Life is a journey to discover, rather than some pre-planned routes and targets.
  • A high quality of life leads to success, profit, etc., but not vice versa.
  • Let's focus on strengths, not faults!
  • Actually mistakes are opportunities to learn.
  • Wisdom is beyond rationality
  • Instead of or-or thinking, also-and thinking
  • The thought, the body and the soul are unified
  • Identity
  • We seek after completeness with ourselves, others, life and with the nature.

3 keys towards the aquamarine direction

Self management

Effective operation both in case of small and major businesses. In a system which is not based on a boss-subordinate relationship, but on a collegial one and agreement is not an essential target of it.

  • Self-organizing teams.
  • Coaching of profit liability if necessary.
  • Ad hoc, meetings and cooperation organized on request.
  • Totally simplified project management (minimum plan and budget)
  • Flexible tasks.
  • Decentralised decision-making (with advisory support).
  • Transparent real-time information sharing. (e.g.: about the finances)
  • Anyone can spend any amount of money on the consulting process.
  • Formal, multi-step conflict resolution process.
  • The team performance is in the focus, colleagues at same levels give evaluation about each other.
  • Everyone can determine his/her own salary and it is calibrated with the colleagues. There is profit sharing, but no bonus.


Aspire to activities which points towards our inner harmony, even at work, instead of forcing the role of “professionalism” or “masculine sturdiness” to ourselves.

  • Intimate spaces furnished and decorated by the team without any status symbols.
  • Clear values (continuous reconciliation), well translated into ordinary rules.
  • Quiet room, meditation, group supervision, peer coaching.
  • Honest own experiences and community building by storytelling.
  • There are no positions and job descriptions in order give a chance to individuality in shaping the roles.
  • Honest discussion over individual time investment.
  • Regular conflict discussions.
  • Special methods to control the ego during the meetings.
  • Anyone can initiate.
  • Interviews are held by prospective colleagues, who examine whether the candidate fits into the organizational culture or not.
  • Individual freedom in relation to training courses, while focusing on community culture-building.
  • Caring support in shaping the mistakes into opportunities.

Evolutionary goal

Effective organizations have LIFE, and the feeling of life management. Instead of forecasting and controlling the future, the organization directs its attention inward, towards people's needs and the organization's aims and vision.

  • The company is a living organism, with its own evolutionary goal.
  • Strategy is organically built up by the collective intelligence of colleagues who are capable of self-management.
  • During decision making the organizational objectives are fully taken into consideration. (everyone, in large group, mediations)
  • The idea of competition does not appear within the company. (instead achieving the common goal is important)
  • Growth and market share is only as important as they will help in the achievement of the goals.
  • Profit-based KPI: if we do things well, it will be created naturally.
  • Inside-out marketing: the offers adapt to the goals.
  • Planning, budgeting and controlling are based on sensation and reaction.
  • Completely simplified budget.
  • There is no “change-management”, since the organization is constantly adapting internally.
  • For full transparency external developmental suggestions are welcome.
  • Continuous sensation and influencing of the atmosphere.


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