Client Quotes:

  • Márton Bodor! There are a lot of words I can write down here…, that it was a pleasure to work with you… and I have learned a lot again from you and your colleagues… we were a great team… But now I write “only” two: THANK YOU!

    Erika C. sales manager at a market leader, financial company

  • I need to stop here to mention our fantastic supporters, who are always ready to help and facilitate our success.

    József K. sales manager, financial sector

satisfied participants

Sales Force Health – Ars Poetica

As we are a small, but efficient and innovative company, working near the top management of our corporate clients, we can be an integrating bridge between different specialities, companies and professionals.

“To sell is human.” The best salespeople are playing, laughing, struggling, telling stories, learning about themselves, forgiving and loving, while they are creating a value. This is our vision.

In our programs we model what we believe in and what we strive for in life: natural presence, sincerity and genuine intimacy create wealth both for our clients and us in the long run.

returning clients

from 52 corporations

During 15 years our sales development approach became clear.

What the source of change is:

  1. KPI – We proceed from the business and promise business results (sales KPI).
  2. KBI – Behaviours lead to result, we explore and develop these (KBI – Key Behaviour Indicator).
  3. Sales & Attitude - The roots of the behaviours are the will, the motivation, the emotional attitude. These are evaluated in self-knowledge depth, and developed under the name of "Sales +".
  4. Hard factors – Sales strategy, campaigns, processes, reporting systems, compensation, performance evaluation and co-departments (marketing, IT) are all in our focus during business understanding and development.
  5. Learner/Instructor leaders – In case of a healthy sales organization, the attitude of leaders has key importance. We pay special attention to them, since they can guarantee sustainability after our advisory job ended (learning agility – student organization).
  6. Our methodology is flexible, customized to the needs of our Client: workshop, training, coaching, action learning, mediation, triangles, process analysis, expert consultancy, graphical notes, development of digital sales supporter materials, etc.

Our solutions:

Individual development

Sales + Attitude
Self-force and responsibility development

Sales? Survey:
Competence and Motivation Survey

Sales! Methodology:
Both hemispheres selling

Sales field coaching

Team development

Leadership Development

Change Management

Company development

Sales ...
Campaign planning, implementation, with KPI success Award

2.0 Digital Customer Communication

Sales HU
International sales know-how
domestic localization with salt, pepper, hot pepper

Sales gardener

A non-academic blog with stories and emotions for sales managers and (self) developers.


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