The higher a leader, the more the air is thin and the less the valuable feedback is. The more decisions have to be made each day, the more a leader has to lean on his/her intuition, faster and better every time.

At the top, even a leader blessed with the perfect combination of leadership skills, can apply for special attention and support, which he/she cannot receive neither from a boss, nor from a subordinate.

Coaching is a result-oriented, customized development process, during which we cooperate with our clients in a thought-provoking and creative process, which inspires and support them in the utilization of their personal and professional potential.

Our manager coaching approach.

In the midst of our fast-changing era, the traditional managerial, supervisory perception seems to be less effective, than the empowering and delegating leadership. However, to apply this method, a leader has to know how to develop and exactly where the subordinates need development. Since, there are plenty of possibilities, only the coaching type of approach can provide a sufficient result.

Hence, the leader’s coaching, also provides him/her the experience of acceptance and support in achieving business successes. The leader can integrate this approach into his/her everyday practice which provides spectacular results in his/her collegial relationships. Moreover, he/she would be able to support also his/her colleagues in achieving their goals. (If it was mentioned in the coaching contract.)

Executive Coaching - 4 points of view to completeness


♦ Partnership in the interpretation of new business expectations of the leader (KPI, hard elements, processes, rules, boundaries)

♦ Expectations of the leader of the senior executive

♦ Stakeholder map, links

♦ System oriented thinking

Organization Development

♦ Raise the organizational culture awareness

♦ Formal leadership methods (leader presentation, delegation, strategizing, setting examples, advocacy, guiding meetings)

♦ Sustainable change management techniques (e.g. Viral change)

Sport Trainer

♦ Guidance for planning performance

♦ Success orientation rather than failure avoidance

♦ The stars also have to fight their own battle


♦ Human Aspects (Informal communication and effects in the organization)
♦ Supporting the development of managerial self-awareness
♦ Various coaching techniques (TA, gestalt, imagination, behaviour-oriented, business, etc.).
♦ Development of a coaching process which is adjusted to the leader’s personality and self-awareness.

The key elements of our coaching approach

5+1 success factors of a coaching relationship:

Psychological contract

The coach and the coachee jointly agree upon the purpose, tools and exact framework of the process.

Shared responsibility

The coach and the coachee jointly take responsibility for the success and operational efficiency of the leader. It is the responsibility of the coach to provide the support, while the coachee has to implement the changes.

Accrual basis

The coaching process focuses on results in all cases.

Here and now

The coaching process is focused on the present and the future. What and how needs to be changed to ensure success?


A successful coaching process is based on trust between the coach and the coachee.

+ Confidentiality

The information exchanged during the coaching, is treated confidentially.

Exact coaching methods and tools:

During the coaching process we raise the self-responsibility of the coachee: he/she how has contributed to the development of his/her current situation, and what he/she can do to change it. The menu of our used methods and approaches:

  • Humanistic psychology of Rogers
  • Cognitive and behaviour-oriented psychology
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Gestalt approach
  • Psychodramatic tools
  • NLP
  • Eastern yoga psychological concept
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Relaxation, imaginative techniques
  • Business and psychological models, tests
  • DISC behaviour typology
  • MBTI test, EQ test, motivation tests, etc.

Optimal time required for a coaching

  • The coaching process consists of separated coaching meetings, sessions. One session takes generally 1,5 hours. We recommend at least one meeting at every second week to ensure the effectiveness of the process.
  • During the first three occasions we are getting to know each other, it takes 4,5 hours. The optional time required for coaching is counted after the first three “ice breaker” meetings, usually we need 13 more occasions. So the whole process requires about 3-6 months.
  • Of course the parties may agree upon a different schedule
  • If after the first three occasions, the parties mutually agree about the continuation of the process, the psychological contract will be concluded.

The duration of the so called “Great coaching process” is:
13 occasions, 19,5 hours.

Andrea Mezei

Andrea Mezei

Coaching philosophy

“I work with the common travel model by Carl Rogers in my coaching processes. The process proceeds from the organizational, business goals and we reach the individual targets through the manager’s group behaviour.

My speciality in my profession, that I am able to support strategic processes at an organization level and deep, self-recognition processes coherently. I can combine the parallel, customized progress in both directions, while I am exploring all the needs.

I can lean on both of my professions, my expertise gained in the fields of business, organization and personal development, as well as, on my many years of experience gained in applied psychology. “

Business and coach / trainer experience / references

I was Hungary’s first female coach who got the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) degree accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I have more than 25 years of consulting and managerial background and 15 years of coaching experience. During these years I had the opportunity to develop the senior executives of such large corporations, like AAM- Chief Executive Officer, Magyar Telekom – HR Deputy VP, DIAGEO - Financial Manager, Ringier - Chief Executive Officer, AstraZeneca - Regional HR Director (Brussels).

Coaching speciality:

Organizational restructuring, support of the manager in cases of cultural change, before or/and after the promotion, development of managerial and coaching skills, burn-out, placement coaching, strategic coaching, career, integrated.

Márton Bodor

Márton Bodor

Coaching philosophy

I believe that the result of my work, is an organization, where people are masters and apprentices (Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, The Matrix, The Bible, Buddhism). Tells this a sales-developer guy for whom measurable results count only. We can do it.

I am a salesperson since 2000. It turned out quickly, that I not only do a good job, but I can support others in terms of effectiveness. Finally, it became my profession and I like it.

To me the coach is the shaman of the 21st century:

"You enter the tent and he sits there, with sparkling eyes. He is always calm, wise, asks in an exact way, pays attention. Therefore, you also start to pay attention to yourself, to your energy. He enchants you. You start to believe in yourself and in others. You get something to which you are not used to out of the tent. Then you are back in the real world, and you know what to do. "

Business and coach / trainer experience / references

I had a sales and sales manager background, when I got the trainer, consulting profession. I gained significant experience in sales-development and in the efficient support of sales organizations as the leader of the sales training department of an international company. I learned the profession in France, England and Germany.

My favourite projects that I am proud of: Coaching of middle management teams of large banks for months, coaching of the financial manager of an auditor company, coaching of the CSO (Chief Sales Officer) of a world market-leader trading company, individual and team coaching of BU leaders of a pharma companies with field coaching, coaching of the sales manager of an FMCG company, finally the coaching of Dean and his Team of a University which meant a serious intellectual challenge.

Coaching speciality:

Sales coaching, executive coaching, skills coaching and change management coaching within team coaching and individual coaching.


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